Thứ Hai, Ngày 29/11/2021
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Thống kê truy cập

Số lượt truy cập: 9.917.996
Tổng số Thành viên: 2.141
Số người đang xem:  60
Giới thiệu

1 / philosophy: sincere - PROFESSIONAL - Kaifeng

2 / Mandate:

"Providing the knowledge base the most important treasure of knowledge of mankind through the translation good and reliable, supporting and contributing to the innovative thinking of the social strata Vietnam while integration into the contemporary world. "

3 / Vision:

Become a Publisher with the head of quality, content and form, of the many bookcases different, a forum and address reputable scholars, researchers, students and pupils Vietnam members and readers around the world, to be admitted as a reference publisher in the popular movements, big ideas, classic and modern.

4 / Products

The bookcase:

  • Bookcase Essence World Knowledge
  • Bookcase Introduction
  • Knowledge of new cabinet
  • Bookcase Biography
  • Bookcase Vietnam  Nam  Contemporary
  • Knowledge Economy bookcase
  • Ministry of Pleasure Thinking